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Teens Dealing With Depression
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What To Do

There are several options for what you can do to help treat your depression, and also help prevent teen suicide. 

~Get It Out~
If you think you have depression, talk to someone that you trust. Often when you talk to people about the problems you are having it can relieve you stress level, which will reduce your intense irritability. People you might trust talking to who can get you help are:

~ school couselor ~
~ family member ~
~ resposible adult ~
~ family doctor ~
~ teacher ~

~The Best Treatments~
The best treatments for depression are medication and time spent with a counselor. Let's face it, you can't just make everything better by looking at the world differently, so you need treatment. Medications take time, so be patient. Not all anti-dapressants are right for everyone, so you may or may not find the right anti-depressant the first time around. Working with your doctor on testing different medications over a few months will help determine which is the best for you. Once you find the right treatment you can start feeling better within weeks. Sometimes those with depression turn to alcohol and other drugs, this is not the answer. Sometimes alcohol and other drugs can make depression symptoms worse, which can mean big problems. If you know someone who is depressed, it would help to talk with them, they need a friend. Try to encourage your friend to talk with their doctor about their symptoms and ask about treatment. Remember, it's more important to save a friend than to keep a secret, so if they don't talk to someone soon, you need to.

~Having Thoughts of Suicide~
Most people who are depressed do not commit suicide, but depression does increase the risk of suicide or suicide attempts. Although it is common that people with depression do not commit suicide, it doestn't mean they won't. Some signs that someone might be attempting to commit suicide are:

1). talking about death frequently
2). remarking about how bad life is and wishes that it would end
3). risky behavior (i.e. playing around with knives, guns, etc)

Suicidal thoughts, remarks, and attempts are VERY SERIOUS. If you or someone you know are having suicidal thoughts, making remarks about suicide, or are attempting suicide, you need to tell a responsible adult IMMEDIATELY.

~Common Medications~
1). Paxil
   2). Prozac
   3). Celexa
 4). Zoloft
   5). Effexor
6). Elavil
        7). Wellbutrin
    8). Tofranil
     9). Serzone
    10). Remeron
                                                                            11). Luvox
   12). Lithobid
 13). Buspar

~My Thoughts~
Just remember, just because you may have depression, you are not alone. There will always be someone out there to help you no matter what, and if you can't find someone when you need them, I'm always willing to listen and help out. You can find my e-mail address on the home page of this site.