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Teens Dealing With Depression
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Common Symptoms

Everybody feels sad and blue at sometime or another, but if these symptoms occur for you often, you could have depression. If you have five or more of these symptoms, you should consult with your doctor and get treated right away.

Symptoms of major depression:

1). Constantly feeling down 'in a slump'

2). Having a feeling that nobody cares for you or understands you

3). Losing interest in activities that at one time were enjoyable to you

4). Having weight gain or loss, along with increased or decreased appetite

5). Excessive sleeping, or having troubles sleeping, falling asleep or staying asleep

6). Criticizing yourself or feeling that others are always criticizing you

7). Feeling life is not worth living, thoughts of suicide, or you think you are dying

8). Often irritable, along with aggressive behavior

9). Neglect of appearance and hygiene

10). Having problems concentrating

11). Feeling guily for no reason

12). Life seems meaningless, or you feel like nothing good will ever happen to you

13). You can't get along with friends or family

14). Falling back on schoolwork, also coordinated with troubles concentrating

Symptoms of manic depression:

1). You feel 'on top of the world' on certain days then immediately fall into a slump

2). You have unreal ideas of all the wonderful things you can do, things that you really can't do

3). You talk a lot, always have something racing through your mind

4). You are constantly running around, always wanting something to do

5). You take too many risks

6). You are very irritable, having trouble getting along with anyone, even close friends