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Teens Dealing With Depression
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Causes of Depression

Click Here! Many things can cause depression in all types of people. Here are some causes of depression symptoms:
~ family member or someone very close to you dies
~ parents divorcing or planning to divorce
~ breaking up with a boyfriend or grilfriend
~ hard home life
~ abuse (mental or physical)
~ alcohol or other drugs

Females are the majority of depression sufferers. About twice as many women suffer from it than men. Manic depression, however, occurs equally between the genders. In most cases, people ranging from age 13 to age 44 are the main sufferers of depression, especially those born after 1945. Those with a family history of depression are at an increased risk of developing depression. Depression often co-occurs with medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse disorders. Marriage can also be associated with depression. Married people and those in long-term relationships have a somewhat lower rate of clinical depression than those living alone. However, those in unhappy relationships have the highest rate of depression of the two.