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Teens Dealing With Depression
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More About Me

Here is some more information about me you may not have known. :)

 I was born in San Antonio, Texas on February 17, 1985. I have suffered from manic depression since I was 9 but did not receive treatment or even realize that I had the illness until I was 15 years of age in Jr. High school.  I had very rough times going through Jr. High and High School.  I spent most of my time alone, and never really had any friends to hang out with.  I graduated High School in 2003 and was married at the age of 18.  I am still married now.  My husband is an infantryman in the army and stationed in Germany at this time.  I currently live in the state of Wyoming, where I am working as a customer service representative in a call center.

I believe my feelings are best expressed through words, so, I love to write. I have written many poems, some of which I have posted on this site.  You can find them on the My Poems page.  I wrote a lot when I was in High School, it was the one thing that really made me feel like myself.  The poems I wrote described exactly how I was feeling at the time I wrote them.  It felt good to finally find a way to get my feelings out without being judged. 


I love frogs, and of course, the color green.  A lot of people think of green as the envy color, but to me, it is my expression, my cheerful view of life. 


Here are some pictures of me from a couple of years ago.  I don't have any recent pictures yet but as soon as I get some I will post them on here.